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Early Stage 1


Kindergarten Announcement


Kindergarten 2020

With the great team of teachers on Early Stage 1, your children will have a wonderful start to school.  We are looking forward to work closely as a stage team and learning from each other.

For the first few weeks of school, your child will be placed in a colour class. Each week the children will be mixed and placed in a new colour class for that week. We are spending some time aloowing the children to socialise and make friends while allowing the teachers to meet all the children aswell. Classes will be formed by the end of week 5 and a note will be sent home informing you of their class and teacher. 

The Early Stage 1 team is:

Miss Heather Lane, Assistant Principal, is on KL – Lemurs, and will supervise the teachers on Early Stage 1 this year.

Mrs Kylie McIntosh is on KL 2 days a week Thursdays and Fridays

Mrs Cristy Dabic is on KD - Dragonflies

Mrs Sharalynne Krensel is on KK – Kangaroos 

Miss Erin Harper is on KH – Hummingbirds


The school packs contain all the stationery necessary, such as exercise books, folders, pencils, scissors, glue, rulers etc.  The packs also cover the cost of programs that can be used at home as well as school to enhance student learning. As soon as we are notified by the front office that payment has been made we will issue the schools packs. Everything purchased will remain at school for use within the classroom. Our school phone App cost is also covered so that you can keep track of school events pertaining to your children. The packs contain quality products and are of good value and very convenient. Information regarding these packs is included in this newsletter.

We would appreciate a donation of a bottle of liquid soap or hand sanitiser, a large box of tissues or a pack of baby wipes as these are always required during the year. A labelled paint shirt can also be sent at your earliest convenience.

If you need to speak to class teachers, please leave a message with the school office so that teachers can contact you. When students are entering the class in the morning is not a convenient time to talk because the teachers need to be inside supervising the students.

As you can imagine the beginning of the year is always a very busy and stressful time, so we really appreciate your patience and understanding as we put into place all the routines and structures that are needed for the school year.

We ask parents to drop their child at school in the morning closer to the 9am bell where your child can wait under the COLA area near the classrooms. When the bell rings in the morning it is best to leave your child when they go to class lines. Say goodbye and give a kiss and a hug and then go.  Many children stay more upset when parents stay. Please do not come into the activity areas in the morning or afternoon as we wish to foster independence in your child.

In the afternoons, please wait near the outside exit doors for each class. Teachers will bring their class out to you. All children will only leave their teacher when a parent is seen by the teacher. Again, we request that the activity areas inside are not used as a waiting point. Classes are still underway and noise from toddlers and conversation can be disruptive.

Kinder Teachers

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